What Media Says

   Paul talking to Sir Alan Cathcart ex world champion motorcycle racer and now world renowned motorcycle journalist, after his test ride.

  • Paul Carberry has transformed his double barrel shotgun of a motorcycle into a straight shooting ride down memory lane, but in a modern context
  • Combined period charm with modern functionality
  • The Enfield V2 is zestful and pleasing, the thing that strikes you though is how smooth it is

Alan Cathcart


   Article by: Derek Pickard engineer/journalist has a long history of motorcycles that goes back as far as the Triumph factory in the 1960s where he worked and Derrek has worked in the motorcycle industry ever since in one form or another; and this is what he had to say about the Carberry motorcycle:-

  • At the heart of everything is this awesome motor
  • A tacho is unnecessary, power comes in as soon as the throttle is open and the torque curve stays flat right throughout the rev range, there is no need to take it flat to the rev limiter
  • The exhaust note seems to growl at times, though the mechanical noise is impressively minimal
  • At no time did this bike feel less than good. Carberry’s frame modifications obviously work as the suspension at both ends is stock
  • In this instance the motor lifts the bike above anything other Enfield’s could ever be
  • It is truly a modern classic

Derek Pickard

Classic Bike guide England

   Article by: Alec Simpson freelance journalist for two wheels and Scooter magazine he also races post classic motorcycles. This is what he had to say about the Carberry motorcycle:-

  • To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement
  • The engine produces huge amounts of torque down low which means effortless acceleration and no need for fancy clutch work to get you going
  • The engine is also impressively smooth and provides seamless linear acceleration
  • This bike is one of the most charming and enjoyable bikes I have ever ridden

Alec Simpson

2wheels Australia

On The Road

Here you will see riders out on the road enjoying the miles with the deep exhaust note of the Double Barrel and its smooth torque, occasional stopping at a cafe along the way for a coffee and absorbing the classic lines of the beast that brought them there.

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